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Designed Especially for African American Families in Crisis

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The Homebuilders Program is a unique program, because this is a program which will  utilize the services of religious organizations along side with social service agencies to assist in the families we service...

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Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitation Programs was created and established to provide a safe place where children can visits with non-custodial parents without fear of abuse and/or neglect... 

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Senior Leadership

Dr. Anthony L. Robbins, has been a community advocate committed to promoting policies and practices that strengthen families especially in the African American Community...

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The Division of Family Preservation was established by Anthony L. Robbins, Ph.D  to assist various state agencies to improve and expand existing human services and educational and community development programs for African-Americans as well as provide a community based program that will help to empower the African American Community while protecting children from family violence and finding resources and programs which will lower the juvenile delinquency rate and create programs which will promote a healthy relationship between parent and child.  Read More.

This will be accomplished by: 

  1. Monitoring existing legislation and programs designed to address the needs of African-Americans in the State of Florida
  2. Assisting State agencies in developing programs, services, public policies and research strategies that will expand and enhance the social and economic well-being of African-American children and families, and
  3. Facilitating the participation of African-Americans in the development, implementation, and planning of community-based services.
  4. Serving as a community based organization for various social service agencies, public schools as well as the courts.  Providing Supervised Visitation Services, Training, Education and Counseling to families in crisis

The Purpose

Our  purpose is to promote the betterment of the lives of African Americans. We fulfill our mission by offering workshops, programs and outreach campaigns. We will use social service referrals and biblical teachings to meet our objectives.

Although our services are open to everyone, basically our programs are designed for African Americans. Why? Statistics show that African Americans are more at risk than any other culture group in this country in every major category of life. Whether it be health, divorce rate, out of wedlock births, poverty or single headed households,  African Americans are well below the national averages.

Florida Kids First .com
Yet the vast majority of African Americans  profess to be practicing Christians, and are passionate about their faith. Saving African American Families is committed to calling our culture back to blending our faith into our family life, marriage, health as well as everyday living. Learn More.